About us

Hello there! We’re Matt and Amy Keogh, web designers based in Brighton (UK). We’d love to help you with any queries you may have so please send us an email.

The family keogh!

What we can offer you

  • Guidance through the design process with our proven method without boring you with web jargon
  • Years of experience - We’ve been designing and building websites since 2001, working for ourselves and for award winning agencies
  • Knowledge of how to take advantage of social media and mailing lists
  • Content writing so that the words are as beautiful as the design
  • An excellent reputation for designing websites for authors

A little more about us

Amy Keogh

I have a background in illustration, PR, events and project management so running SpringSignal is the perfect fit.

Away from the web, I love all things to do with textiles and can be found making cushion covers and other bits and pieces.

Matt Keogh

As well as working alongside Amy at SpringSignal, I’m also a senior designer for Liquid Light, an award winning web design agency. Doing both allows me to work on a huge variety of projects and gives me a broad experience.

I enjoy spending time with the kids, a good film, tinkering with the bike and much to the delight of Amy, playing awful music on the guitar.

How we met

We met at University where we were studying photography and illustration. We have both lived in Brighton together for 10 years. In that time we have welcomed into our lives two little daughters, Daisy and Sophie. We enjoy spending family time together, walking on the beach and dipping our toes in the sea - if we’re feeling brave enough!